We currently offer two sets of video games designed for working on two aspects of the child’s development:  The Body and PosturesSome games can be personalised to adapt to the preferences of the user in terms of skills, pace of learning, colours and favourite colours.



This set of games includes several groups of activities designed to encourage the development of the body pattern. These games aim to gradually encourage the student to increase his/her attention towards different parts of the body and the figure representing it. The tutor’s help is required in all the games, in addition to being able to play a role in the game itself.

The activities are divided in to five different groups, each containing four exercises relating to the objective in question, which in turn may be completed by the child alone or together with the tutor acting as another player.

Group of games for working with the body through cause-effect relationships between spatial movement and the production of music and visual effects.

Activities for learning the cause-effect between moving a hand and the playing of music and video.

Games for learning to identify one’s own image and differentiating it from others.

Activities for learning to recognise and identify a pictographic representation of one’s self and differentiate it from that of others.

Games for learning to identify the different parts of one’s own body and a representative image.

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