Pictogram Room consists of a software package for installation on computers running the Windows 7 operating system and with certain minimum requirements, using the Kinect ® device, for XBOX ® or for Windows ®.

Before downloading and trying to use the software it is important to check that your hardware meet the minimum technical requirements.

Minimum Requirements

Your PC must have the following minimum features:

  • CPU: Dual-Core 2.66Ghz Processor
  • ATI Card/ NVidia PCI-Express 256MB supporting OpenGL 2.0
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Available hard drive space: 434 Mb
  • Dedicated USB 2.0 connection

It is also necessary to have a Kinect®, for XBOX® or for Windows ®, sensor or device, and the necessary adaptor for connection to the PC. These are sold together as a pack (sensor + adaptor) on sale in video game stores, IT stores and other major department stores.

  • Pictogram Room does not have a version for the XBOX® games console (For which the Kinect® device was originally designed). We therefore recommend purchasing the sensor separately.

Kinect® for XBOX® + PC adaptorYES
New Kinect® for PCYES
XBOX® + Kinect®NO
The physical space required for Pictogram Room

The nature of the technology used and the activities forming part of Pictogram Room make it necessary to use a sufficient amount of space of a certain minimum size and other characteristics to ensure correct operation.

The Kinect ® sensor should be placed above the projection surface (television, screen or wall) where the Pictogram Room images are to be viewed. It should ideally be installed 100 – 150 cms from the floor. The screen or projection surface should be as large as possible, even covering an entire wall, as if it is too small, users will tend to get too close to it in order to see the images properly, and the system will not work correctly.

Inside the Pictogram Room, the Kinect® sensor is used to detect the movements of anyone standing in front of the screen, interacting with the different games. The area in which the sensor detects movement measures 3 x 3 metres. It is important to leave enough space in front of the screen, completely clear of objects or obstacles.

The pedagogical guide includes further details and recommendations about how to lay out the physical space for using Pictogram Room.

In this section you can download Pictogram Room and the pedagogical guide. All you need to do is register with a name and email address. This process is simple and free of charge, and also allows you to keep up to date with any improvements or updates which may be added to the project. Remember that you can customise the application, adapting it to the user’s preferences and learning style.


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